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It gives us immense pleasure to announce that we have achieved for which we worked day and night. We plan to bring a revolution in eCommerce industry and uplifting businesses through technology.

Asian eCommerce industry is on the boom and is expected to reach at $525 billion in 2014 where as Pakistan’s eCommerce industry will cross $2 billion within this year.

If we want to claim our chunk we will have to stand by and need to prepare ourselves for eCommerce.

New release of BizClout includes the most awaited tools and features which will give you more strength and power to manage your eCommerce website. These tools will add a lot of value to increase your sales and uplift your business.

Hers is a walk through which will show you how easy it is to make and manage a complete eCommerce website with BizClout.


Following are some highlights of BizClout’s new release.

BizClout Dashboard

Now you can manage your website in an easy and simplest way using BizClout dashboard. You will be able to manage your logo, banner, categories, and products. You can make more pages as you want, define your payment methods, delivery options and communicate with your customers directly using BizClout dashboard.


This is the most awaited feature which enables you to convert your website into an online shop. Now you will be able sell online by having “Add to Cart” option on your own website. Your customers can now place orders from your website and you get a complete order details and customer information in your BizClout dashboard.

BizClout Dashboard
BizClout Dashboard 
(Click on the image below to see a larger view)

Order Management

You will receive all your orders in order management section and you can update their status, view customer information and mark them completed once delivered. With this tool you never lose track of your orders and cannot miss a single customer.


Order Management Section
BizClout Order Management Section
(Click on the image below to see a larger view)

Inventory Management

With inventory management you keep your inventory updated and only those products can be ordered from your eCommerce website which are available in stock. Now you don’t need to worry to remove products which are sold and they will be automatically delisted from your online store. It will save your time and improves customers’ experience.

New Pricing

We have revised our prices to make it more sustainable and to give you world class services. Normally a site with all eCommerce features and certain business tools incurs a huge upfront cost. But this is the beauty of our solution that we use the pay as you go model. Use it till you want and only pay for the time you used it.

A complete dynamic brochure site in which you can upload your products and get a complete dashboard costs you only 900 PKR / month and there are discounts on yearly payments.

If you add eCommerce(shopping cart), order and inventory management on your website you just have to pay 300/ month more which makes your package 1200 PKR / month, yearly payment discounts are applied.

Connect with AdClout

Your website is automatically connected with which is an online shopping website with a lot of visitors.

All your products gets listed on automatically, which helps you to increase your customer base.

You will be charged a commission of 5% on every order generated by AdClout.

We hope you will enjoy this new era of eCommerce with BizClout.

Author: Sheraz Saeedy

Sheraz is an entrepreneur and Co-Founder of AdClout & BizClout . Helping Startups to smartly spend early investments.

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