Importance of Ecommerce Website in Pakistan

Businesses are internationally making use of internet to carry out not just trades but also other operations due to its merits of ease and convenience.

Pakistan is a developing country where businesses are carrying out local as well as international operations. For businesses; especially businesses that are operating in multiple cities or in multiple countries, eCommerce website is an essential.

There are several reasons and benefits that make an official eCommerce website important for businesses in Pakistan these days.

Here are a few major reasons to this argument;


People not just abroad, but in Pakistan even make aggressive use of internet in daily routine. It is used for information, shopping, conversations, mails and so much more.

Smartphone technology is also a reason to the increased internet usage. Under such a situation where people are constantly associated with internet usage; if businesses operate through their eCommerce websites, the barriers to reach more people can be broken down and easy access to potential clients can be gained in lesser time.

E-Commerce Awareness


Situated in one city, the business can reach many other cities and create awareness regarding itself from the same place and in less time.

Blend In

With eCommerce website you blend in with the trend the rest of the world is following. Businesses are growing rapidly and earning millions and billions from their websites.

E-Commerce Blendin

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Especially companies that are dealing internationally need to have an eCommerce website as it provides easy, convenient and cheap access to their customers. Not just this; it provides ease in payments as well.

If the world is following a trend, there has to be a reason for it, and knowing the benefit businesses in Pakistan should avail the opportunity as well.

Foreign Income

It is difficult to reach clients through calls and a lot of time is wasted waiting for response through email. There is still hope to reach people in the same city or different cities of the same country, but it is a very challenging task in case of international clients.

If you have a well-developed eCommerce website this issue can be solved. When clients can view every detail rather than hear it and have a convenient payment and delivery procedure, they are more convinced.

Through such a website businesses can attract a lot of foreign currency income.

Cost Effectiveness

There is certainly one major advantage for eCommerce businesses in Pakistan when it comes to developing and owning an eCommerce website and that is cost effectiveness.

There might be a little fortune spend on developing and maintaining the website, yet it is comparatively quite cheap than the running of several physical units. Since the eCommerce practice on a large scale is still new in Pakistan, there are yet no laws regarding taxes on such virtual businesses.

Businesses that are wholly operating through their websites do not just have the cost effective advantages when it comes to being able to carry out business activities at a lower cost, but the running cost lowers down even more with the absence of taxes.

National Economic Development

Although the Pakistani population itself is still going through the procedure of acceptance of eCommerce, yet the transition is happening at quite a fast rate. For instance now people are shopping online, placing queries regarding products through email and if not purchasing online; still getting information through websites.

This is because going through the website is a time saver and convenient means of reaching not just the client but the organization as well.

With more people attracted to your products; not just from within the city, but from different cities and countries means there will be more transactions, which will ultimately lead to the economic development of the country.

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Author: Sheraz Saeedy

Sheraz is an entrepreneur and Co-Founder of AdClout & BizClout . Helping Startups to smartly spend early investments.

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  • Mahnoor

    E-commerce future bright in Pakistan;
    Pakistani youth and the e-commerce industry here suggests that, in the near future, it is likely to hold a significant share in Pakistan’s economy.

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    Every one is switchin their business towards online market, here this step would be great help for movin up to this.
    thanks Admin.

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    Your efforts for eCommerce industry are really up to the mark. Thumbs up !!!