10 Best Ways to Improve your E-Commerce Website

Improve your E-Commerce Website

Often just a few little changes to your website can lead to big progress. Here we have come up with the ten best ways to give your E-Commerce website a boost.

If you are going to take up your own e-commerce website then these ten steps will assist you to grow your business for a long time.

1#: Add to Aesthetics

One of the creative options is to improve the look of your website. What you see is what you will like or dislike. Make sure you have a visually attractive website.

You can also add pictures with products to make it more visually attractive as well as informative.

2#: Customer Service

Make a little more effort and go for customer service that is approach. People love it when they are promptly responded to their queries and are communicated well with. Offered Services like Free Shipping, Coupons, Deals and Gifts to keep customers coming back to your website.

Good customer service is what attracts people out of the stores and onto their computers.

3#: Content

Make sure your content is relevant and detailed, as well as concise. The information that a customer would be looking for should be there, is what is important.

Content Marketing for Ecommerce

Keep that picture in mind

Content Masrketing Process

But it is equally important to compose and present the content of your e-Commerce site in a manner that would sound and appear interesting to the audience.

4#: SEO

Make sure to go for keywords that can get you the finest bid for your website to appear with search engines. There are several paid and unpaid tools you can use to make this work.

E-commerce SEO can double your traffic, sales and gross revenue.

Best Practices In E-Commerce SEO

It is probably the fastest the way to reach your audience if you can handle it correctly.

5#: Learn more about your Audience

Your customers are the people you are working to attract to your website. In order to do so, a highly professional website may not suffice always.

You need to know what the customer is looking for when it comes to online purchases. Once you know that you can add up that content as a key to your website and get more traffic.

6#: User Friendliness

Make sure your website is user-friendly. Make sure all content is well organized, your search is working fast, the website is working correctly, and you can even add auto completion to make your site a little more attractive and professional.

7#: Active Participation

There are a hundred of online companies probably working on the same product as yours. If your website is not good enough they can opt for some other.

It is important to keep a hold of your customers. In order to do so make sure their queries are responded to promptly and all the data is updated regularly.

8#: Bind your Customers

Make use of E-mail marketing to retain your customers. Observe your web traffic and identify the people actually making purchases with you.

You can send them a mail offering new packages, discounts and new stock. You can even send emails to other people as well for awareness of your website.

9#: Personal Marketing

E-mail marketing is synonym to personal marketing, only that it is practiced online. You can send email regarding your company and website to several people in a matter of minutes.

This will get your site more viewers and potential customers.

10#: Connect to a Social Network

Social network is an addiction these. There are several online social networks that are being used by millions and billions around the world. Social media is nowadays most common division of your business promotion.

E-Commerce Websites which are practicing Social Media for promotion, traffic and gross revenue. You can connect with people and advertise your company on a social network.

It is probably the fastest way to get you the traffic you want!


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Author: Sheraz Saeedy

Sheraz is an entrepreneur and Co-Founder of AdClout & BizClout . Helping Startups to smartly spend early investments.

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